Key Concepts for BA

Key terms, every BA come across on daily basis…

  • Solution : As a BA we should able to provide solution that meets a business need, by solving problems or allowing the organization to take advantage of an opportunity.
  • Task : May need to assign or take over the task – A task is an essential piece of work that must be performed as part of business analysis. Tasks may be performed formally or informally. The definition of the task should be universally applicable to business analysis efforts, no matter what type of initiative it is. It does not mean that it is done frequently or that most BAs will necessarily perform the tasks.
  • Techniques : Techniques describe how tasks are performed under specific circumstances. A task may have none, one, or more related techniques. A technique must be related to at least one task.
  • Input and Output : An input represents the information necessary for a task to begin.  An output is a necessary result of the work described in the task.
  • Methodology : A methodology determines which business analysis tasks and techniques are used to solve a business problem.
  • Scope : scope is the set of capabilities a solution must support to meet the business need.
  • Requirement : A condition or capability needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective.
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