Business Analyst Vs Developer

As everyone know business analyst documents & translates business requirements into something a developer can understand.

However from Developers point of view, Business Analyst may look like Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) (during Development & Testing phase).

A BA aggressively works on the project, right from the first phase (requirement phase) of the project, Business Analysts are considered as one of the primary source to any of the team mates after the Project Manager. PM coordinates with all the teams involved in the project & tries to exchange information as requested.

The skill of writing is to create a context, which other people can think.

Where as Business Analyst, should more concentrate on Requirements exchange (between Developers &/or Testers); for successful exchange, Project Management skills may help you…

  1. Leading -> Helps to motivate the team, and let people to follow you.
  2. Communicating -> Helps in exchanging information clearly and correctly.
  3. Negotiating -> Helps to create win-win outcome that is sustainable for all Teams & Collecting requirements from groups and individuals
  4. Problem Solving -> Defining the problem & dealing with the factors
  5. Influencing -> Accomplishing the action items, without escalations.

Apart from exchanging required information to the IT folks, we may also need to

  1. Facilitate the meetings between Product Owners(Business) and IT team for different reasons, it could be for Requirement Clarifications or Story Time for User Story or Requirement Workshops or JAD sessions or for Elaborations or Demos; Keep in mind, IT folks may be passive participants for some meetings, but we have to be very careful while dealing with these kind of meetings, as these two parties are oppositions ?
  2. Make sure that the IT folks are totally clear and completely understood the requirements and accepted by each team member.
  3. When you are assigning action items, make sure there is complete clarity and who is responsible for what to avoid overlapping.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to negative feedback. Be fare. Whenever there is an opportunity, give positive feedback.

Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.

Also, Business Analyst may need to manage, coordination between Developers & Testers, technically PM take cares, since we do have a knowledge better than PM on requirements, we may need to coordinate & fill the GAP!

Last modified on Saturday, 18 March 2017 03:52
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