What is BRD? in simple terms…

As part of a Traditional development process:

  1. The business Owner tells the business analyst what he wants
  2. The business analyst writes a Business Requirements Document as follows:
    1. Defines the business objectives
    2. States the situation or opportunity that the project/program addresses
    3. Defines the scope of the project/program
    4. Defines business goals and objectives, as well as business requirements need to achieve those objectives
    5. Serves as a sponsor’s authorization to proceed
      • Without clear, concise, and complete Business Requirements, there is risk of increased cost and missed deadlines. When errors occur due to unclear requirements, rigorous change controls must be invoked for correction.
  3. then the developer translates the requirements into software
  4. The Tester translates the requirements into test cases
  5. The technical writer translates software into technical documentation.
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