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Introduction: Business Analysis is the set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement or organizational change. Those performing business analysis are today known by a number of titles such as Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst & Systems Analyst.

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Importance of BRD in a project?

As each project progresses through the Project Life Cycle (PLC), various activities occur that produce interim deliverables. These deliverables contribute to the building of the final project deliverable, which is known as the project’s end product – the single defining element for which the project was undertaken. An accurate and complete description specifying what the end product will act/look like when completed and accepted is crucial to a project’s success.


Bussiness Analysis and Career Path

What is business analysis?

One should not restrict the BA role to only being a link between Non-It and IT or only for development projects. A BA is someone who is able to bring in improvements, changes (technology, process, people etc.) in an efficient manner.


Business Analyst Challenges

Any discussion of the business analyst role is incomplete without addressing the pitfalls of filling this difficult and vital function. Although the business analyst is expected to scope the system, translate business needs to developers, translate technical issues to business representatives, model and document requirements, act as communication broker, serve as political mentor, test and validate the solution, the position can sometimes wield too much power. For many organizations, the addition of senior business analysts has greatly improved the elicitation and documentation of requirements.

However, there are common problems that often occur. It pays the business analyst to take heed of these pitfalls. 


Business Analyst should ask themselves?

Every Business Analyst should ask themselves before starting the project:

  1. Why? Why are we doing this project - what is the business problem/need and so what measures and targets for those measures will define what success is. These are known as objectives.
  2. What? What needs to be done (from business/logical perspective) in order to affect the measures to the point where the project can be declared successful (i.e. it has got the targets) – these are known as requirements.